Fun Things to Do at Stonewall Lodge & Other Activities In Southern Colorado

The Stonewall Lodge is located in a beautiful area with many hiking trails and everal great fishing spots nearby. There are many great parks in Colorado, and the Stonewall Lodge is located near several of them. Our staff can help you find the perfect activities for your ability level and interests.

Colorado Mountain Lodge and Recreation Getaway

The Stonewall Lodge is located at the gap in the Dakota Wall in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of southern Colorado, nestled among tall pines and aspens. It’s just minutes from the historic town of Cuchara and less than an hour from Trinidad.

Stonewall Lodge Activities

Stonewall Lodge finds its home amidst the wonders of San Isabel National Forest, near the serene Purgatoire River. For those with a penchant for adventure, the nearby Monument Lake and North Lake are ideal destinations for picnicking, fishing, hiking, paddle boarding, and kayaking. Wildlife enthusiasts can often spot the diverse fauna that resides within these natural paradises, making every visit a memorable encounter with nature.

Guests are invited to traverse the scenic Highway of Legends, a journey that promises captivating vistas and tales. The proximity to Trinidad Lake State Park adds another layer to the adventure, with its array of outdoor activities. Additionally, the vibrant cultures of towns like Trinidad, Walsenburg, and La Veta are just a short drive away.

Whether you’re seeking a tranquil retreat or an exhilarating expedition, Stonewall Lodge offers the perfect gateway to the best of Colorado.

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Highway of Legends

The Highway of Legends is a beautiful drive that takes you through some of the most scenic and historic areas in Colorado. Awarded National Scenic Byway status in 2021, it weaves around the iconic Spanish Peaks, providing glimpses of unique geological formations like the dikes. Travelers are transported to bygone eras, from tales of Tarahumare Indians venerating the Spanish Peaks to legends of Wyatt Earp’s adventures.

This route connects Trinidad, Aguilar, and Walsenburg, offering visitors opportunities to explore rich coal mining histories, stroll through Hispanic settlements, and immerse in nature with activities like fishing, hiking, and picnicking.

Key stops include: Trinidad, Trinidad Lake State Park, Stonewall, Monument Lake, Cuchara, La Veta, and Walsenburg.

For a fuller narrative of the byway’s legends, LISTEN NOW during your drive or at leisure. Enjoy the journey and its rich tales!


There are many great places to fish in the area. Some of our favorites include: Monument Lake, North Lake, the Purgatoire River, Lathrop State Park, and Trinidad Lake.

In Colorado, you can fish for a variety of different species including trout, bass, pike and walleye. The best time to fish is typically early morning or late evening when the sun is not as strong. Remember to check the local regulations before you go as there may be limits on how many fish you can catch or what size they must be.


There are many great places to hike in Colorado. Some of our favorites include San Isabel National Forest and West Spanish Peak.

There are a few things you should bring with you on any hike, including: water, snacks, a map of the area, and appropriate clothing for the weather. You may also want to bring a first-aid kit, just in case.

Other Activities

The Stonewall Lodge is located in a beautiful area that is also perfect for horseback riding. There are many great horseback riding trails in the area. Ask our staff for other fun activities to do in the area.

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