Stonewall Shopping Bag

Stonewall Shopping Bag is more than just a store; it’s a testament to the timeless charm of small-town life nestled in the picturesque mountains of southern Colorado. Rooted deeply in the community of Stonewall, our establishment seamlessly blends the convenience of a modern-day shop with the personal touch and warmth of a family-owned business.

Homemade Desserts

We take pride in our desserts, crafted from age-old family recipes. Each slice offers a perfect balance of flavor and nostalgia, embodying the essence of homemade love.

Our cakes and pies are more than just treats; they’re a tribute to culinary traditions passed down through generations.

Come, indulge in a celebration of authentic taste and cherished memories with every bite.

Dine With Nature

Enjoy your dining experience amidst Stonewall’s serene backdrop.

As you savor our exquisite dishes, let the graceful dance of hummingbirds outside our windows captivate you.

Strategically placed feeders ensure these avian wonders visit us all summer, offering a tranquil and mesmerizing spectacle that guests adore.

Join us for a meal, and embrace nature’s harmonious ballet.

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A Glimpse Inside the Store

Embarking on a retreat at Stonewall Lodge? Ensure your stay is both memorable and convenient with a visit to Stonewall Shopping Bag. Here, we’ve carefully curated a selection to cater to all your needs:

  • Hunting and Fishing Licenses: Prepping for an outdoor adventure? Secure your essentials right here.
  • Souvenirs: From the heart of Stonewall to your hands. Explore our unique keepsakes that encapsulate the spirit of our lodge.
  • Daily Needs: Quench your thirst, satiate your hunger, and find everyday essentials amidst our well-stocked shelves.
  • Fishing Supplies: Cast and catch with confidence. Our selection caters to both novice and seasoned anglers.
  • Vacation Essentials: From sunblock to toiletries, if you’ve forgotten it, we’ve likely stocked it, ensuring your vacation stays uninterrupted.

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